Feldenkrais – Try Something New This Fall!

Try something new this fall: Feldenkrais®, Awareness Through Movement® classes and private lessons.

Fall fitness has started…get into tip-top shape, on Saturday mornings, with this out-of-the-norm mind-body training.

Feldenkrais is a mat-based class that uses movement to teach you how to function with greater power, efficiency and ease.  Take this refreshing re-start to your regular workout and wellness routine to make the impossible possible, the difficult easy, and the easy elegant!

Celebrate a more vibrant fall with this special offer: register for 10 Feldenkrais classes and receive a free one-hour private lesson with Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher™, Colin Mehmel. 

Non-transferable; no monetary value; some medical conditions may apply.

Call now 204.487.2287 or RSVP at the Open House Thurs Sept 27

Feldenkrais®, Awareness Though Movement®, and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher™ are service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

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