Healing Shoulder Pain with Pilates stretches.
The shoulder is the body’s most complicated joint. It’s where the ends of the collarbone, upper arm bone, and shoulder blade meet. And it’s prone to arthritis (a wearing away of the cartilage between the bones), as well as tears or tendinitis (inflammation) in the rotator cuff — the group of tendons that helps you raise and rotate your arm. Shoulder pain can keep you from being able to raise your arms to get dressed, or reach up to a cupboard or out to a door.

But an easy way to stave off shoulder problems is to regularly stretch the muscles that support the joints. The muscles need to be long and flexible to stay healthy. You’re more vulnerable to injury when your shoulder muscles are tight and restricted.
Since we still can’t have an in-person Pilates classes, sign up for a zoom class.Start or continue your Pilates with the physio.It may be recoverable by insurance. Call,  text or click below to book a lesson. Pilates is an umbrella treatment under Physiotherapy so it is an essential service and still available during lockdown.

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