Pilates is power. Be inspired.

A strong core give you balance which in some cases can be death defying!

Get more from your core
Core strength has far-reaching benefits. For instance, significant weakness in core musculature may contribute to a forward head posture and an increase the upper back’s curvature, which can trigger neck and shoulder pain. Sore knee or hip? Core weakness can be the main contributor. Your core also is one of your biggest protectors from a back injury. Core strength is also crucial for fall prevention. “Our bodies constantly have to adapt not only to different surfaces, but different weighted loads,” says Eric L’Italien, a physical therapist with Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. “Adequate core stability and strength can prepare you to better react to these changes and keep you from losing your balance and stumbling.”

The benefits of regular Pilates  are unmistakable. If you are unsure of where to begin contact us at. We are an integrative team of people to work with. With our amazing instructors and physiotherapist, your chances of success are stronger and they can help monitor your progress and modify your plan accordingly as your heart grows stronger, your body becomes more efficient and your stability comes back online. Pilates and fascia approaches are primarily stabilization work.  You must be stable in order to be mobile. If you need your doctor to prescribe exercise, please inform them about Pilates first before other exercise. Pilates stabilizes chronically sore, unstable people so you can move freely and without compensations and adaptations that will only accumulate faster and worse if you do not stabilize yourself first. Stability is not just balancing on a BOSU ball. You must stabilize your pelvis through your nervous system without straining your  soft, collagenous tissues or hurt your joints.

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