Integrative Oncology

Integrative Medicine is becoming mainstream, with successful partnerships in primary, secondary, and tertiary care, in most of the world but… let’s be honest…really slowly in Winnipeg and Canada. We’re on a mission to redefine medicine, you’re a key part of that and you’re in good company! Together, we’re helping reform healthcare, address inequalities and create a sustainable health service for all.

Medicine, as we know it, is no longer affordable or sustainable. Nor is it able to curb the increase in obesity, mental health problems and most long term disease. It is now time for Integrative Care a.k.a Lifestyle Medicine to take centre stage. Join us and be a part of this movement for change.

We know different medical practitioners get together to discuss the patient but this care we are talking about  includes the patient and any complementary care they may be practicing from the very outset, helping them understand where in the cycle of change they are. It helps the doctor be a better lifestyle doctor, the physio a better physio, and the patient a better patient so the lifestyle and medical health outcomes are amplified with greater ease and better economics. The doctor knows more beyond drugs, some manual therapies, and surgery. The physio and other secondary care practitioners know more about core activation and the application of fascial exercises in treatments.
The patient knows more about their role in their own health and healing.

Oncology experts present whole person
cancer care for better patient outcomes

Integrative Oncology UK will highlight the benefits of taking an evidence informed integrative approach to cancer care, to optimise health, quality of life and clinical outcomes. Promoting mind and body practices, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications, alongside conventional cancer treatments.

Delegates will leave with a strategic toolkit of practical take-home advice to help better support people in their care.

As Canadians, let’s find out where our Integrative Oncology Care is. Let’s help create it. We have to help our doctors and nurses.

Yes….Pilates is right up there at the top of the list of whole-person, joint safe, diaphragm expanding, life-affirming  exercise