MELT Mornings with Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn FAST and EASY WAYS to release fascia and accelerate healing! The health of every cell in your body depends upon its ability to receive nutrients and eliminate waste through the connective tissue fluid surrounding them. Discover how fascial release can enhance energy, boost mood, eliminate pain, and unravel deeply held tensions, fear and repressed emotions held in the body. You will also learn and keep joint stability and regulation.
Classes on ZOOM Wed and Fri morns 30 min $10 per classFridays on ZOOM 60 min $15 per class
MELT MORNINGS Tues and Thurs morns 7:45-8:45 am at the Corydon Studio. Great for beginners to use the props. 10 class BEGINNER LEVEL Program Nov 15-Dec 15 $180(need to add tax to all)

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So much more than just Foam Rolling