Fri May 26, 6:30- 8:30 pm, with Shannon Frame & Annabel Scott

$75 plus tax

What is breathwork?
This transformational breathing meditation, which is an active 3 part breathing meditation, allows your body to be flushed with oxygen. It gives you the ability to quiet the thinking mind and move into the body.   It enables you to potentially move into an aled state of mind where you can clear stuck energy (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual), calm your nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety, improve clarity and focus, release toxins, boost immunity, and start letting go of what you may be holding on to, creating space for personal transformation and growth.

Benefits of Breathwork:

  • Reset the nervous system
  • Assistance to help you release and let go (stuck energy holding you back)
  • Reduced stress and anxiety (from the source – not on the surface level)
  • Increased connection with your intuition and heart
  • Stronger sense of purpose and self-worth
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • More focus and clarity = more efficient and productive
  • Increased sense of feeling calm, grounded and at peace
  • Improved sleep
  • Stronger immunity by releasing toxins
  • More happiness and joy- so you can show up for yourself and others in your life

  • About Shannon Frame (from The Collective Alchemy in Whistler, B.C)
  • Shannon combines her lived experiences to help others toward their journey of health and healing. Through tools like breathwork and Yoga Nidra, she loves helping you restore balance to your nervous system by empowering you to release stress, anxiety and other blocks from within. Her goal is to help you live a calmer, more peaceful life, have more focus and energy, better sleep and have more productivity. Her hope is that this will allow you to live a life aligned with your purpose, and give you the ability to show up for the things that matter most in your life. She believes in holding a safe space for those looking to go deeper under the surface to release, let go, create space and seek answers from within. She is the founder of The Collective Alchemy which aims at building a community with those that share her same vision for life. @thecollectivealchemy