Mat Pilates

This workout is done down on the floor and this is why Pilates can be confused with yoga (but that is where the similarity ends). You have to use your own physics to control your core against gravity so this is why “mat” work can be considered the hardest workout. But it is so effective and the ma workout is the key warm-up used for any Pilates class as well as for some of the assigned homework for home practice.

The mat work is portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. We recommend only small classes (6-8 per class) for quality control, important feedback and corrections for proper motor learning and re-patterning. If you do not take Pilates with us, make sure you have small, controlled classes for excellent quality and safety. At Pilates Manitoba, we insist on both…small class for excellent community and feedback and excellence in quality, instructors, and safety! Pilates works!