MELT Method

This easy, simple, 10 minute-a-day, self-treatment method is done with small balls and rollers, to hydrate your connective tissue, reduce inflammation and eliminate pain. Connective tissue is found everywhere in the body. It surrounds every bone, organ, muscle and nerve. It is the fluid environment that every cell lives in and every cell relies on this “extra-cellular matrix” to function properly. Connective tissue supports, protects and stabilizes the entire body. Connective tissue is also responsive, renewable and adaptable. We will show you how you can tap into this renewable tissue that is made up of 80% water and 20% collagen, elastin and other connective fibers. You can look younger too and feel great! You will learn to sense, address and eliminate pain and immobility. You will sleep better, reduce cravings and bloating, reduce headaches, aches and pains and general elevate your mood and energy… all by hydrating and moving your connective fluid matrix. The answer to pain-free living for your lifetime is in you! Come and find out how to connect and how you can empower yourself!


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