I have embraced Pilates and the opportunity to facilitate others in finding their own capacity for movement, healing and power.  As I work to increase my repertoire through the fusion of  Pilates with alternative types of movement (yoga, myofascial stretching, ELDOAs and soon, MELT) and therapeutic feedback, I advance as a teacher.

I started ballet at the age of two and was an internationally competitive athlete in two sports by the age of 15.  I became habituated to a lifetime of intense training, pushing my body to a superior level of fitness and form.  An avid cyclist, swimmer, runner and weight lifter in my post competitive years, I encountered limitations in my own body in the form of fatigue, injuries, repetitive stress and an inability to process my body’s feedback. After many years of doing Pilates at home, I decided to take a class which turned into several classes involving mat, reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair and other apparatus.  Passionately embracing the beauty of the Pilates movements and the mind-body connection, I found renewed strength and a path to healing.  As my energy turned to teaching and I empowered my clients to find their mind body connection I celebrate in their personal accomplishments. Pilates is truly for everyone.