I started doing Pilates after a horseback riding accident, it had been almost two years since my accident and my recovery was at a standstill. I was put on disability from my job as an air traffic controller, which I had been doing for 23 years and it wasn’t looking like I would be able to go back.. My physio at the time suggested (told me to!) that I try Pilates, but only if I went to Pilates Manitoba! So I started, it took 6 months before I felt improvement but I kept at it. Still today, the more I do Pilates the stronger I get and I keep adding back the physical things that I always enjoyed. I got a nudge from friends to get my instructor training for Pilates, since I could no longer control airplanes it seemed like a wonderful new career, my hope is that I can help someone else along their road to health, as I was helped by the wonderful instructors and my classmates! Pilates helped me get my life back and I’m passionate about what it can do for us!

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