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The Birth-Date Sale

A fun marketing idea!

On your Birth-Date, order from our product store and save 20% while supplies last. Make sure we see proof of your birthdate before you order!

Our offering will change on a regular basis. We will include the change in this newsletter.

This should be a fun idea. Go to to see what else is available for you in the city on your birth-date every month!

Two locations for you

We are fortunate to have 2 locations to keep Winnipeg in stretchy Pilates goodness.

Our one location is inside The Yoga Barre on Roblin

To celebrate Joseph Pilates’ 138th Birthday, join us at the Open House we are sharing with The Yoga Barre, Friday Dec 10 4:30-9:30 pm

Lots of demo classes to try! If you have not been to the beautiful Yoga Barre make sure to check out this awesome place, and their amazing classes and instructors. We will be offering free demos on the Reformers too and signing people up for the Winter Session with our awesome Joseph Pilates’ Birthday Special!

4:00 – Mini Barre in Barre Room
4:30 – Yoga Foundations in the Yoga Room
5:00 – ELDOA with Pilates MB in the Barre room
5:15- Yin Yoga
5:30 – Spin Lite in Spin Room5:45 – Belly Dancing in Barre Room
6:00 – MELT with Pilates MB in the Yoga Room
6:30 – TYB FIT in the Barre Room
7:00 – intenSati with Pilates MB in the Yoga Room
7:15 – Mama Fit Class in Barre Room7:45 – Trauma Informed fitness with Pilates MB class in the Yoga Room
7:45 – Spin 30 class in the Spin Room
8:15 – Mini Barre in Barre Room
8:30 – Candle Light Yoga Flow in Yoga Room
9:00 – Meditation and Reiki in Barre Room
Shop with local artisans and vendors such as Sarah Sue, Soul Stoked, Purple Moon, Breeze Botanicals, Knapsack Coffee and more!


Pilates is power. Be inspired. Feel Great. Look good. Enjoy. The power of awareness will give you access to your power

Thurs Dec 9 is Joseph Pilates 138th Birthday (1883-1967)

We celebrate you, Pilates Passionistas, as much as we do JP and his brilliant work.

Without formal “anatomical” or “clinical” training (it did not exist) he FEELS his way through the  pressure and tension regulating mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system, actively involving you in your own treatment that rivals and/or surpasses manual therapies today.

Today, as we face health economics and health equity considerations more than ever, embrace Pilates and join our movement to give Pilates its rightful, evidence-based place in healthcare, physiotherapy, and fitness.

In honour of Joseph Pilates’ 138th Birthday, our Beginner Pilates 10 flex-class pass is $138 + GST for all brand new people wanting to try Pilates for the first time and to get moving again. This deal is good only for the following in-person classes listed below and for brand new people. Makes a great gift for the holidays and New Year’s Resolutions.

Mondays 9:30 am @ CorydonTuesday 9 am @ RoblinTuesday @ 11:30 @ CorydonWed @ 9:15 am @ CorydonThursdays 9:30 am @ RoblinSaturdays 10:00 am @Corydon

Breathing…never do you feel more connected to yourself or feel more alive

Most of us go throughout the day without giving the act of breathing a single thought. Considering how impactful the way we breathe is on our physical and mental health though, it’s time we change that.
Breathing is such an under-recognized topic in the health space today, even though COVID has taken the wind out of us.

How well our body takes in oxygen impacts our health on every level. From how well we sleep to our stress response and even our metabolism, breath is an incredible tool for optimizing health. The forgotten power of breathing and how we can tap into it to dramatically improves how we feel immediately.

Nothing really matters if we’re not breathing the right way. Breath is the anchor for all the systems in the body. Breathing predominantly through the nose has a much different impact on our health than mainly breathing through the mouth; we get 25% more oxygen by breathing in through the nose. Evolution has changed the structure of our jaws and airways, relating to the epidemic of crooked teeth we see in modern cultures.

James Nestor,  in a Stanford University experiment , had his nasal cavities plugged, and was forced to breathe only through his mouth for 10 days in an effort to test how the pathways through which we breathe affect our health. He saw immediate changes to his blood pressure, sleep, and other functions, which reversed when he could begin predominant nasal breathing inhaling again.

Breathing is one of our most powerful resources for reducing stress and regulating the parasympathetic nervous system. One of the easiest variations of breathwork we can all do throughout the day to slow down and feel better, is the Pilates breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Lately, many people are concerned they’re not getting enough oxygen through face masks. Science shows that we are getting enough and explains that CO2 can even have some benefits in the body that we didn’t previously understand.

Breathing is one of the most basic of functions yet most of us aren’t doing it right.Learn how to breath correctly when you come to our classes! Sign up here!

A Draw within a Draw

Pilates Manitoba has two locations. Roblin, within The Yoga Barre and at 836 A Corydon near Lilac. If you attend classes there or know where we are located, you can easily enter a draw to win a pair of toe socks valued at $25 at either location. Just go to and find our name to get our location number for each. Now enter your name along with the location number to be entered to win those socks. You will need to take a selfie in front of the studio to confirm you were on-site in case you win. You will also be entered into a city-wide draw for $1,000. Once for each location. If you enjoy contests, this one has the best odds by far since it is just getting started. You may be up against only a handful of people for the studio draws since only those who registered the studios are included in those draws. Check out the other locations once you see how easy it is to play.

Good luck!

What to do if you’re experiencing back pain?

If you want to reduce routine, muscle-related back pain flare ups, doing this gentle Pilates stretch each day is the best prescription. If it’s okay, give it a try! Simply lie on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Pull both knees toward your chest and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Return to the starting position. Do this 5 to 10 times. For more exercises that can strengthen your back, sign up for classes or private lessons!

Pilates is power. Be inspired. Feel Great. Look good. Enjoy.

Pandemic Posture hurting your back? You can fix it!

Move over, “Quarantine 15.” That term isn’t the only catchy phrase from this challenging time. Now there’s “pandemic posture,” referring to poor posture from slouching at a desk or on a couch during time at home — and it brings lots of back pain complaints with it.

Back pain is one of the most common health problems, affecting four out of five Canadians at some point in their lives. Sadly many people will experience back pain throughout their lives as recurrences can often happen. Fortunately there is much you can do to help prevent and relieve back pain starting right now. And you do not necessarily need a manual therapist or physiotherapist, especially if you can not afford these. In our passion for health and wellness equity, Pilates can help.

The understanding and treatment of back pain has undergone a recent sea of change, thanks to fascial education and integration of simple techniques.  Experts now appreciate the central role of exercise to build muscles that support the back.

Pilates is key to solutions for your aching back. It helps you understand why back pain occurs, and you get tailored exercise treatments that are going to help. You get lots of  back-strengthening exercises such as Ab Prep, Hip Roll, and Spine Stretch forward lots to ease neck pain when you find your true core!


Pilates Tower Trainer

$500.00 + taxes

Folds for storage

Only one left
Large stability cushions (was $60.00)

$25.00 + taxes
6lb. medicine balls

$10 + taxes

MELT Method for Mind & Movement Stress

The Vagus Nerve
The nerve you need to know about
6 Ways To Restore Its Tone

The vagus nerve. Simply described, it’s the sensory highway that tells your brain what’s going on in your organs—especially the digestive tract, lungs, heart, spleen, liver, and kidneys. It’s also an essential part of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps calm our organs and deal with the aftermath of a fight-or-flight, adrenaline-response situation. You’re probably already getting the hint—the vagus nerve plays a huge role in overall wellness. But guess what? It can also be behind chronic inflammation and pain.

If your vagus nerve is functioning at its best, your body can relax faster after sensing danger, (like a grizzly bear encounter) or just a perceived threat (like panic about public speaking). But if that nerve is suffering from low tone, it has a harder time regulating inflammation—and that can end up causing damage to organs and blood vessels if it persists. If you experience fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, food sensitivities, depression, brain fog, or a sense of despondency—the vagus nerve is always affected. A few easy changes to your diet and daily routine could be just the 180 you need to feel better.
More to come next week.