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Trauma Sensitive Yoga at Pilates Manitoba

We are certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Pilates training for PTSD, stress and trauma.

We use the  breath and mindfulness to help you calm the mind, focus inward, feel and sense the support and healing powers within your  own bodies, use gentle stretches to release and restore and then relax. Think of it as the physical expression of talk therapy, MBSR or CBT. 

Use gentle stretches and other  gentle release techniques including gentle Yoga and Pilates, all in the right space and time for you. 

You can stay with just the breath and mindfulness or move to the physical portion or not. When you are ready, you can try Gentle  Pilates to build the underlying base muscles once the mindfulness and awareness foundation has been built. 

Private lessons $25.  Small group lessons available.  Pre and post lesson coaching and support is included

Call 204.487.2287 or text 204.999.9984 for more info.

Why Do Scientists Keep Finding New Organs?

So happy to see this becoming mainstream and creating curiosity and discussion. If you want to experience the real embodiment and practical application of this science already in your body, learn the MELT Method​ with us at Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg​ inside Pilates Manitoba. Call us @ 204-487-2287. We already have real time application of this science and invite cancer researchers to talk to us about doing cellular research in a fluid environment.

Read the full article here:

A Must Read MELT Testimonial

I Made the Time

It’s 10pm .. great. It’s time to go to bed, read, close my eyes and think about every awful thing under the sun. Are my kids ok? Am I ok? I’m not exercising enough. I’m not eating well enough. Do I have a disease? Why does my shoulder hurt? It goes on and on and thoughts get darker. Sleep sometimes comes.

Morning time! I’m tired.

I was tired of the conventional methods of treating thoughts like this but equally tired of feeling the level of anxiety I haven’t felt since high school. I reached out to my good friend and change coach, Annabel. Help me, Annabel. What is this? I can’t sleep, I can’t stop my cycling thoughts. Why can’t my thoughts cycle around how many good things I have!?

Right away, she knew it was anxiety getting the better of me and reminded me that there are treatments in her studio that can help me. I’ve known this for years, of course. I’ve just never made the time. I made the time and just started.

I went to the studio and learned the roller technique of MELT Method at Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg, inside Pilates Manitoba. I didn’t have to be perfect, I didn’t have to memorize anything, and I didn’t have even have to understand the science. All I would have to do is follow a few simple instructions, provided to me for reference and I only needed to do this 10 mins / day, a few hours before bed. So I did.

I noticed stress reduction on the first night. Being an analytical person, I needed to give it more time. Maybe it was just all in my mind. Maybe it was just the act of doing ‘something’, that was helping me. I needed time before I could fairly make an assessment.

1 week went by, I still had no anxious thoughts before bed. I was less restless during sleep, I had the FitBit data to prove it!

2 weeks went by, same.

To everyone who is reading, there is something to this. Is it the roller? Is it the elevation of my body on the roller? Is it the breathing or the rocking? Was it because the instructions came from a loving person at a loving place? I don’t know. But whatever I am doing, whatever Annabel has taught me, has provided me with a skill to manage my anxiety levels, naturally, with movement. Try it.

Pilates Manitoba Community Open House

Community Open House for Mind-Body Specialties! 

When: Tuesday Jan 22. Starts at 5 pm
Where: Pilates Manitoba, 390 Academy Rd
Register: Space for the demos is limited so all newbies please pre-register at 204.487.2287 or online. Follow the Facebook event

There will be 20-30 min demo classes of a unique variety. We have created a one-of-a-kind facility that features these highly specialized exercises.

5:00pm – 5:30pm = Feldenkrais with our Colin Mehmel. Signup online.

5:30pm – 6pm = Fascia Stretch – What it is and why it is so important with our Linda Jacob. Signup online.

6pm – 6:30pm = Pilates on the Ball with Dona Watts-Hutchings Physical Therapy & Pilates. Signup online.

6:30pm – 7pm = MELT Method – What it is and why it is so important with our Ruth Baines of Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg inside Pilates Manitoba. Signup online.

We offer private sessions, complimented with group exercise classes targeted for both athletes and wellness members.All of these specialized exercise programs are designed to be used on their own or along-with other generalized exercise & rehab programs. If you have Physiotherapy insurance coverage, you can talk with our licensed Physios who are trained in Pilates as a method of treatment and rehab, thus having your Pilates covered by insurance.

We want you to feel the work rather than just talk about it. Space for the demos is limited so all newbies please pre-register at 204.487.2287 or online. Grab a friend and try all of them or just one. If you are already a Pilates Manitoba member already, try a new class such as MELT Method Hydration training with Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg or fascial stretching with ELDOA Winnipeg,both inside Pilates Manitoba. All of these mind-body exercises compliment Pilates & Yoga so if you want to amp up your regular Pilates & Yoga, or dial down pain and stiffness, come feel it for yourself. Your life changes when you change one little thing. We help you learn, practice and then change a little consistently every day. You get relief from symptoms while solving the underlying problem to keep the symptoms from recurring and get strong from the inside out.

More on Hydration …

Further to the other posts about cellular hydration, keep drinking water but give it a gel-water upgrade by adding citrus fruit or sipping it with potassium rich foods, like bananas and broccoli, or magnesium rich foods, like avocado or dark chocolate. Sea salt pinches help too. “You will get electrolytes that transform regular water into gel water” says Dr. Dana Cohen, M.D., author of “Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight and Heal your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration”

And, then get the gel water flowing by MELTing and doing Pilates.It is the small movements and little compressions from The Pilates Reformer springs and the soft MELT roller that activate the water deliver mechanism of the fascia, the criss-cross, spongy, body wide system that acts like a sponge and water delivery system.

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Gel Water is the New Health Drink

So along with the science of connective tissue hydration for pain free movement, anxiety, depression, weight loss and feeling good, “eat” water by ingesting gel-water rich fruits and veggie, which can be up to twice as hydrating as drinking water. “Gel water from plants passes more readily into our cells – and is denser and less likely to leak out of damaged or aging cells” says Dr Dana Cohen, M.D, author of Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight and Heal your Body through the New Science of Optimum Hydration”.This ultra-hydrating gel water ignites fat burning.

If you are drinking lots of water and still peeing alot, it can be a signal that the spongy connective tissue cells are not picking up the water and making it gel water as fast as your body needs so… keep MELTing to lovingly massage that water into your cells and keep doing Pilates, which is a series of small movements because little movements keep the gel water moving.

Please come to classes Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipegand Pilates Manitoba to learn for yourself. We give all lessons in writing if you like a particular sequence that we did so you can repeat it a home for 10 min everyday and get your sponge working again. You will feel great too because they are gentle moves.

Still love to get informed more?

MELT Method fitness and education is available at Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg, inside Pilates Manitoba where you can also do Fitness Pilates, Therapeutic Pilates, Physiotherapy Pilates and Plus Size Fitness.

#MELTmethod #MELTtribe #core #pilateslove #lessismore #breakfree #reframeyourstressors #endfitnessanxiety #endpainfulmovement #endpainfulexercise #endweightlossanxiety #whenyouwanttoraceslowyourpace #breathe #inhalethegood #exhalethebad #weightloss #hydration #cellularhydration #interstitium #connectivetissue #fascia

Did you know .. Water in our Cells and in Plant Cells is Actually H3O2?

Most water is H2O but groundbreaking research from Harvard and Cornell has found that water in our cells and in plant cells is actually H3O2 – it is gel-like water charged by electrolytes. When touching most surfaces in the body, water transforms itself into so‐called Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, whose formula is H3O2. EZ water differs in all respects from H2O. And, there is a lot of it, everywhere.

This gel water acts as fuel for every action of every cell says Dr. Gerald Pollack, Ph.D, head of University of Washington’s Pollack Water Lab and author of The Fourth Phase of Water (liquid, gas, solid and H3O2). While the science is complicated, it means that gel water is magical and primes our cells for every function. So increasing gel water is one of the best things to do for all healthy organ & joint function, sleeping, mood regulation and weight loss. And the easiest, faster way to do that is to MELT and do Pilates.

Here’s why: your fascia is a spongy connective tissue system that criss-crosses your body and acts like an intricate water delivery system, and that is activated by small movements. These small, localized, soft, gentle movements get your cellular hydration action going.

MELT Method fitness and education is available at Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg inside Pilates Manitoba where you can also do Fitness Pilates, Therapeutic Pilates and Physiotherapy Pilates.

#MELTmethod #MELTtribe #core #pilateslove #lessismore #breakfree #reframeyourstressors #endfitnessanxiety #endpainfulmovement#endpainfulexercise #endweightlossanxiety#whenyouwanttoraceslowyourpace #breathe #inhalethegood #exhalethebad#weightloss #hydration #cellularhydration #interstitium #connectivetissue#fascia